Got something special to say?
Want the whole world to know?

Why not say it with Aus-Air Aerial Advertising using either Aerial Banners or Aerial Billboards!

Perhaps you have a new grandchild you’d like to welcome into the world, or a special birthday or anniversary on the horizon. Maybe you even have a marriage proposal to make!

Advertising with an Aus-Air banner is one sure way to get people’s attention!

A unique Aus-Air banner is ideal for all types of promotions – and can make the difference between good ads and an effective advertising campaign.  Moving across the sky in giant letters or a huge billboard, your message is “live” dynamic, and demands attention.

When a banner appears overhead, people instinctively look upwards – they don’t change stations, or run to the kitchen for a snack! Through banners, you can reach people wherever they are – at the river, on the beach, at the golf course, at the football, the races, at a shopping centre, or in their own back yard. Read about the Advantages of Aerial Banners here.

Put yourself above the competition with Aus-Air Aerial Advertising.