Unlike letterbox drops or handing out fliers, your aerial sign leaves no mess. How many times have you passed out printed advertising only to see it littering a footpath or collecting in rubbish bins? Or done a direct mail drop and had 1 in 6 “return to sender” packages sent back to you.


Your aerial banner will cut through other ground advertising as aerial signs are a spectacle, a novelty – few people will resist looking up to see your message, especially if they are waiting for an event to start, or lying on a beach! In this sense your advertsing is a welcome distraction, rather than an intrusive time waster.


Your plane banner advertising can target an event, say flying over a sports stadium or music concert. Or your aerial banner can suggest a product at a particular location e.g a cold beverage to beach goers.


Some studies suggest the over 70% of people remember the message on an aerial banner, where recollections of TV ads or website banners are very low.


Location signage is static. A shop may have excellent signage – large, lighted signs, or bright neon signs on their premises, but only people passing will see that sign. Aerial signs allow you to spread your message across a number of suburbs or a city, multiplying the number of people looking at your message greatly. Or maybe council restrictions mean your business can not adequately use ground based outdoor signage, making aerial advertising an excellent alternative.


You could create a hash tag for your aerial sign advertising to create an interaction with people on social media.


And finally, budget. Aerial advertising compares very favourably with other outdoor signage costs.